Team Building and activities

Belfort Congress prepares your events according to your specifications, your budget and the number of participants. Liven up your seminars with fun, cultural or heritage activities. Discover our suggestions for Incentives and Team Building:



Build an igloo and enjoy a mulled wine or a meal

Urban orienteering

Olympiads at the Ballon d’Alsace (outdoor)

Archery – Snowshoeing


Tasting of insects, wine and/or regional products

Cooking Show, prepare recipes as a team


Circus workshops, supervised by professionals

Crazy Games: fun, humorous and surprising events

Créa Fresque: painting not only for children

Mass destruction: break the dishes

DIY Pallets: recycle pallets and make objects

Fort Lantha: inflatables

Mafia-Business: represent a mafia that wants to become the most powerful


Culture Quizz or Neurons in action

City explorations or Escape Game

Discovery flights by plane, paragliding or hot-air balloon

Murder Party: become Miss Marpel or Colombo and solve the case


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